“Shantel has been someone whose understanding of the body and intuitive nature I have come to rely on with the issues I face with my body. The nature of my athletics and the injuries I have sustained over the years has made me someone who needs the extra help keeping my body moving the way I need it to. She is someone that I continually recommend to anyone who needs focused body and energy work. The comfort and professionalism she exhibits in her work makes the overall experience very relaxing and productive. I look forward to continuing to see her in the years to come.” – Andrew Wilson
“I was fortunate enough to have been presented with a one and a half hour massage coupon as a birthday gift. I had never been to Shantal before but she came with rave reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. Absolutely amazing. I had the integrative massage which combines Reiki and Swedish massage. Very powerful, I could feel the energy move while she was working. That night I couldn’t stay awake, had the longest sleep and for the first time in a long time my sore places weren’t sore anymore.” – Carol Paquet
“Shantel is a woman of remarkable talents. She is amazingly gifted when it comes to manipulating your physical being, and not just at the surface level either. I literally felt as though she were turning me into a pool of clear water from which she was able to remove blockages and energy patterns that no longer serve me. I have left feeling refreshed, profoundly renewed and restored and just generally incredibly well cared for. While she is a consummate professional in every way – follow thru, confidence, skills – she is also very warm and compassionate, and I felt very loved – really there is no other word – while in her presence. I have had the privilege of working with many excellent bodyworkers & healers so I think I am a good judge of skill in this arena; I highly recommend her to anyone looking to deal with longstanding and heretofore intractable trauma. When you are ready to get over that old baggage and move on, book your time with Shantel and get on with the rest and best of your life. She is a fearless angel who will bring you to the next level in your journey.” – Tobey Crockett
“I can’t say enough about Shantel Beckers. Through sessions with her I was able to focus on getting healthy both physically and emotionally. I learned how important the mind/body connection is, and how to focus my thoughts and energy in a positive way that allowed me to move through a difficult, recent loss and put me on the road back to good health. Since my sessions with Shantel, I have a renewed sense of balance and well-being. I have been able to let go of the negative energy that was keeping me from living my life to the fullest and I am seeing my goals realized. I am so grateful to have been able to work with Shantel.” – Dana Fiore