About Shantel

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota riding horses and driving tractors. A long, long way from the world of Integrative Bodywork!

After college, I spent several years working as a Contingency Search Recruiter (a.k.a. headhunter) for the tech industry in Colorado. Sixty-hour work weeks and tremendous pressure required that I receive a weekly massage to manage my crazy life. It was during a vacation to British Columbia that I had my “a ha” moment. I realized that everything I was doing was exactly not what I wanted to do and I set out to transform my life.

It turns out that life transformation is an ongoing process. Of course it is – life is dynamic! Having made the switch from the corporate world to the world of the body, I became a highly respected Sports Massage Therapist. I have worked with Olympic athletes from USA Track & Field and Triathlon as well as the top surfers on the World Championship Tour.

My quest for knowledge and spiritual growth led me to investigate the connection between our emotional health ailments in the physical body.¬†Many cultures and belief systems embrace health from a holistic perspective and the wisdom of ancient healing therapies unlock the body’s own healing potential (e.g.,¬† Ayurveda, Indigenous Traditions, Traditional Chinese Medicine). Through my travels I have had an opportunity to experience and study these time-honored modalities. My work is an expression of all that I have witnessed, experienced and learned.